E&M Married at Salthil Church, Galway

It is amazing to see a couple who is carrying so much for each other as Emma & Malcolm. I had a great chance to get to know Emma during the delicious breakfast served by her lovely Mum. Emma was very calm in the morning and  rather than being stressed, she was very excited about their special day. Malcolm was getting ready at the Galway Bay Hotel surrounded by his friends and family. We were blessed with a nice weather which gave us a chance to take some amazing photos in the Salthil Park and also on the beach-which was Emma’s dream request. It was also great to see Sandi and Richard again- lovely couple for whom I did wedding photography in the past. I wish Emma & Malcolm the best of times together and I hope we will meet once again.1234567891011121314161718192021222324252627282930313233343536