Orla & Dessie – Celebrating their special day at Hotel Meyrick in Galway

I had such a wonderful day with Orla & Dessie during their wedding celebrations in Galway. The weather was freezing cold but we went for a walk down the Shop Street and Claddagh to take some amazing photos and enjoy the company of local crowds who cheered and greeted them with happiness and joy. The reception at Hotel Meyrick was magical and exquisite as always.  It was a pleasure to witness their celebrations, joy and the kindness they shared for each other. I was truly grateful to  capture those unforgettable moments. I would like to wish them years of happiness and precious moments on that incredible journey they are about to embark on together.. Orla & Dessie-112Orla & Dessie-141Orla & Dessie-117Orla & Dessie-164Orla & Dessie-167Orla & Dessie-185Orla & Dessie-197Orla & Dessie-218Orla & Dessie-239Orla & Dessie-248Orla & Dessie-274Orla & Dessie-431Orla & Dessie-447Orla & Dessie-455Orla & Dessie-465Orla & Dessie-474Orla & Dessie-479Orla & Dessie-518Orla & Dessie-520Orla & Dessie-526Orla & Dessie-571Orla & Dessie-613Orla & Dessie-611Orla & Dessie-639