Photo Sessions – FAQ

Here are some most often asked questions that might give you a better idea about my newborn photography :

1) When is the best time for a newborn photo session?
The best time for a newborn photo session is when the baby is between 5-14 days old. That is the time when the baby is sleeping the most and it is easiest to position them and achieve that “cute-baby-look” we want to capture.

2) How to prepare my baby for the shoot? 
As a mother I know that it is hard to have any particular routine with a newborn baby – but if it is possible – please keep the baby awake for 1 hour before the photos session begins. The more tired and cranky the baby at the arrival – the easier to make it  fall asleep at my studio. I do not want you to keep your baby starved – but it would be advisable to feed the baby at my studio as they usually fall asleep when their belly is full, after the feeding.

3) How long does the newborn photo session take?
The session takes around 2-4 hours. This time will be divided between taking photos, feeding the baby & putting it back to sleep. If you would like your time to pass faster – feel free to bring along a book or magazine to keep yourself occupied.

4) What to expect when I will arrive at your studio?
Aromatic coffee, tea, water, biscuits, relaxing atmosphere and enjoyable time 😉
I also provide all the necessary accessories, background and clothes for kids for each individual session.

5) What should I bring for a session?
Extra formula if bottle fed, nappies and pacifier. My studio is very warm to suit the required temperature for a newborn – that is why I would advise the parents to dress in something light and comfortable. Unless you want to fall asleep on the sofa 😉

6) What should we as a parents wear for a photo session?
It is best if the parents are coordinated with the colors of their clothing. Plain and non-striped colors are the best option.

7) Can we bring other children with us?
Absolutely yes. Other children are more then welcome but due to the extensive length of the session – other present children might get bored very easily. I would advise to bring other children for the first or last 30 minutes of the session so they can take part in the family photos with the parents. There is a couple of playgrounds 5 minutes away from my studio – where the other children can relax and have fun with one of the parents. If necessary – there is also a small play room in my studio where the child can play in the presence of one of the parents.

8) Can we bring our own accessories (favorite blanket, toy, etc) ?
Yes, of course. Any personal items and accessories are always welcome.

9) When should I book a newborn session?
It is best to contact me during the pregnancy so I can provisionally book a date.

10) What are your qualifications relating to newborn sessions?
I am  fully trained in newborn positioning. My priority is the safety of the child. Having my own child thought me how to be patient and good with kids. Even those who don’t want to cooperate 😉

11) What photo session packages do you offer?
For a full list of my photo session packages click here.

12) Is it possible to surprise someone with a gift voucher for a photo session with you? And how much would it cost?
For a full list of the available hand made personalized vouchers and their costs please click here.

13) Do you offer any other photo related products like – prints, canvases, calendars, etc? 
Yes. I offer wide range of photo related products. Prints, canvases, 3D framed photos, personalized calendars, key rings and much more. For full range of my product click here.