Newborn Photography by Maya Noonan Photography

Here, at our newborn photography studio, we take photos of all kids in different ages : newborn, toddler, adults. However the best time to take newborn photos is first 2 weeks after baby is being born. That way we can get those cute ”curly, sleepy” shots and baby usually sleep most of the time. The older baby, the harder to put back to sleep so do not miss your moment! Book an appointment during the pregnancy to secure a date ( actually couple of days as we never know when the baby is going to be born for sure). During the photo session you will experience a wonderful moments with your baby, you will relax, you will enjoy every moment and … dads are usually getting great sleep at my photography studio ! 😉 Family photos are treasured forever, so pick up the phone and let me exceed your expectations when it comes to family pictures!

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Photo Sessions – FAQ

Here are some most often asked questions that might give you a better idea about my newborn photography :

1) When is the best time for a newborn photo session?
The best time for a newborn photo session is when the baby is between 5-14 days old. That is the time when the baby is sleeping the most and it is easiest to position them and achieve that “cute-baby-look” we want to capture.

2) How to prepare my baby for the shoot? 
As a mother I know that it is hard to have any particular routine with a newborn baby – but if it is possible – please keep the baby awake for 1 hour before the photos session begins. The more tired and cranky the baby at the arrival – the easier to make it  fall asleep at my studio. I do not want you to keep your baby starved – but it would be advisable to feed the baby at my studio as they usually fall asleep when their belly is full, after the feeding.

3) How long does the newborn photo session take?
The session takes around 2-4 hours. This time will be divided between taking photos, feeding the baby & putting it back to sleep. If you would like your time to pass faster – feel free to bring along a book or magazine to keep yourself occupied.

4) What to expect when I will arrive at your studio?
Aromatic coffee, tea, water, biscuits, relaxing atmosphere and enjoyable time 😉
I also provide all the necessary accessories, background and clothes for kids for each individual session.

5) What should I bring for a session?
Extra formula if bottle fed, nappies and pacifier. My studio is very warm to suit the required temperature for a newborn – that is why I would advise the parents to dress in something light and comfortable. Unless you want to fall asleep on the sofa 😉

6) What should we as a parents wear for a photo session?
It is best if the parents are coordinated with the colors of their clothing. Plain and non-striped colors are the best option.

7) Can we bring other children with us?
Absolutely yes. Other children are more then welcome but due to the extensive length of the session – other present children might get bored very easily. I would advise to bring other children for the first or last 30 minutes of the session so they can take part in the family photos with the parents. There is a couple of playgrounds 5 minutes away from my studio – where the other children can relax and have fun with one of the parents. If necessary – there is also a small play room in my studio where the child can play in the presence of one of the parents.

8) Can we bring our own accessories (favorite blanket, toy, etc) ?
Yes, of course. Any personal items and accessories are always welcome.

9) When should I book a newborn session?
It is best to contact me during the pregnancy so I can provisionally book a date.

10) What are your qualifications relating to newborn sessions?
I am  fully trained in newborn positioning. My priority is the safety of the child. Having my own child thought me how to be patient and good with kids. Even those who don’t want to cooperate 😉

11) What photo session packages do you offer?
For a full list of my photo session packages click here.

12) Is it possible to surprise someone with a gift voucher for a photo session with you? And how much would it cost?
For a full list of the available hand made personalized vouchers and their costs please click here.

13) Do you offer any other photo related products like – prints, canvases, calendars, etc? 
Yes. I offer wide range of photo related products. Prints, canvases, 3D framed photos, personalized calendars, key rings and much more. For full range of my product click here.

Weddings – FAQ

Here are some most often asked questions that might give you a better idea about my wedding photography:

1) What is your work style?
I specialize in reportage and documentary wedding photography. This style lets me be discrete and non-intrusive capturing the most important moments of your special day at the same time. 90% of my clients are camera shy people and the reportage style suits them very well.  For most of the day I will blend in with your guests and the wedding party. However  I will  give you my posing advice during the family and bridal party photos. As an example – I will make sure that the Bride stands in a position that will make her look best, that her hair is in order, that she doesn’t have a double chin, etc. I always make sure that all the poses are natural and romantic at the same time.

2) How does your day of work looks like?
I arrive in the morning during the bridal preparations. While you enjoy yourself getting
your hair and make-up done I focus on capturing the small memorable details – dress, shoes, flowers, etc. At the same time I capture natural photos of you and the preparation atmosphere around you. Before I leave your house I make sure I have taken some stunning photos of you and you with your family and friends around.

While I wait  for you at the church I discretely capture  the guests arriving for ceremony, family member greeting each other, etc.

We take the family photos after the ceremony and head to a chosen location for the Bridal Party shots. After arriving at the hotel reception I focus on the photos of your guests & friends at reception while you can relax and have some bubbles.

I stay with you until the meal time or to the first dance – depending on your own preference.

3) What is required to book you as our photographer?
Once I confirm that the date is available  – I will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of €200 to secure your date.

4) How and when will the photos be delivered to us?
The photos will be delivered on the  personalized playable DVD-Disc up to one month after your wedding.

5) Can we print the photos from the DVD-Disc?
Absolutely, yes!

6) Can we assist designing an album when choosing the “Album Package” ?
I work on the first draft of the album myself – and send it to you via email for approval. Once you have a look at it you can decide if you want to make any changes or not.

7) Can we provide you with a list of photos that we are really interested in?
To get more details about your wedding day I will send you a wedding form in which you can provide me with all the necessary information and your special requests.

8) Do we need to organize a meal for you?
It is absolutely your choice – but it might be easier to carry the camera if I am not starving to death 😉 A standard bar meal is perfectly fine. Thank you 🙂

9) What packages do you offer and how much do they cost?
For the full list of my packages and prices please click here.

10) Do you always work on your own?
I  capture most of the weddings by myself but sometimes the couple request a second shooter. That option is available and I do provide a second professional photographer that will assist me on the day and take photos with me. The cost for additional photographer is €250. Second photographer provides and advantage of different angles while taking photos, and being able to focus on the guests while I am capturing the Bridal Party and the family. Second photographer can also focus on Grooms preparations which allows me to stay longer at the Brides house.



It is the little touches that make every gift so memorable.
Specially designed personalized gift voucher is a perfect idea for every occasion.

Text area for your private message located inside the voucher.
Featuring hard cover and elegant design throughout.

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I offer vouchers worth €120-220 depending on a chosen package.
This amount covers the photo session, DVD with 15 – 20 professionally edited images (high resolution, no watermarks) and few larger size prints.

Kids & Family Packages

Quick and easy PayPal payments methods now available below!

kids session 1Newborn Sessions:

  • All the necessary accessories and outfits for the baby provided in my home studio in Galway
  • The duration of the session is approx 2-3 hours (we need the time for feeding the baby, changing the nappies, putting the baby to sleep)
  • Baby will have photos taken on its own and then along with the parents
  • You will receive 15 high resolution professionally edited images on a DVD disc (no watermark)
  • 5 high quality prints in size 8’x6’ also included
  • The fee for the session, DVD and prints is €210


Available Extras:

  • Additional sibling  – €30
  • Canvases on request available in different sizes (click here to view sample & pay)


maternityMaternity Session:

  •  Duration time of the session is 1-1,5 hour.
  • Accessories and outfits provided in the studio
  • The fee for the session, DVD with 10 edited images and 5 prints ( size 8’x6’) is € 170




Maternity + Newborn Session:

  • €50 off when booking both sessions. Total price for this special offer: €330.


kids sesison 2Toddlers/Family Sessions:

  • Duration time of the session is 1-1,5 hour
  • All the necessary accessories and outfits for the baby provided in the studio
  • The fee for the session, DVD with 10 edited images, personalized DVD cover and 5 prints ( size 8’x6’) is €170
  • Additional sibling – €30


Not sure what to wear and how to prepare for the session? Please read F.A.Q section on my website.


Newborn Session
Price: €210

Newborn Session + Additional Sibling
Price: €240

Maternity Session
Price: €170

Maternity + Newborn Session
Price: €330

Toddler / Family Session
Price: €170



Wedding Packages

Maya Noonan Photography offers two types of Wedding Packages:
Quick and easy PayPal payments methods now available below!

DVD package – €990

  • All wedding images ( up to 400 photos) – professionally edited, without watermark, on a personalized DVD disc.
  • Slideshow – the best 150 photos put together on a DVD with 3-4 romantic songs. You can watch it on your computer, TV or DVD player. Great idea to present your best photos to your family and friends. Slide show takes max 20 min to watch.
  • Password protected gallery online or a blog post – 2 weeks after your wedding, you will see a sample of your wedding images on my website.
  • Professionally hand made DVD cover matching the color of the wedding theme.

Photo album package – € 1500


  • Password protected gallery online or a blog post 2 weeks after your wedding day
  • Slideshow – the best 150 photos put together on a DVD accompanied by 4 romantic songs. You can watch it on your computer, TV or DVD player. Great idea to present your best photos to your family and friends. Slide show takes max 20 min to watch.
  • Luxury photo album with professionally edited photographs presented in a wedding box – photos printed directly on high quality photo paper.
  • All wedding images (up to 450 photos) -professionally edited, without watermark, on a personalized DVD disc.
  • Parent books also available on request


After confirming the availability with me € 300 deposit is required to secure the date for any of the above packages. The deposit can be paid when meeting me or a PayPal payment can be made below for a convenient and fast transfer. For the convenience of my clients – covering the full cost of the chosen package is also available via PayPal below!

Price: €300

DVD Package
Price: €990

Photo Album Package
Price: €1500

I will join you in the morning when you are getting ready, follow you to the church/reception. I will then stay for speeches, cutting the cake and the first dance if you would like me to stay that long 😉

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